Miniature Painting Service


I’m offering a painting service for miniatures and figurines.


I’ve been painting miniatures since the late 1980’s and thought I could provide a painting service for those people that are not so confident. Please take a look at the gallery for examples of my recent paint jobs, and feel free to use the contact link to request a commission. I’m new to commission painting, working fulltime and don’t wish to be overwhelmed, at this stage I’m only prepared to paint single figures or small units of upto 5 miniatures.

  • Basic Paint Job – includes a zenithal primer coat, base coat and quick dry brush of a highlight colour.
  • Intermediate Paint Job – includes a zenithal primer coat, base coat, recess shading or shade wash, and highlight.
  • Expert Paint Job – includes a zenithal primer coat, base colours blended in five layers from shadows to highlight and includes edge highlights.

Please note: At this stage I’m not prepared to offer advanced painting technics such as Non-Metal Metal, or OSL (object source lighting) unless it is for something simple like a plasma glow from a weapon. I am however able to paint cloth texture, stippling, woodgrain, weathering and chipping.

Use the contact link to request a commission to discuss colour schemes and provide pictures of the miniature you would like painted. You will be kept informed of progress throughout the painting process with regular picture updates. All painting details and prices will need to be confirmed and agreed to by both parties before any miniature is sent to me for painting.



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